Primary Values

As an organization:

  • We support human rights, economic justice, sustainability and equity in all forms.
  • We seek to collaborate with community groups who are inventing new kinds of social actions and thinking.
  • We strive to maintain a nimble and pragmatic approach to inclusivity.
  • Everything is open to change.


  • We propose an organizational structure that:
    • facilitates access to creative services for rising communities with few resources.
    • prioritizes collaboration and equal participation in all internal decision-making processes, strategies and operations.
    • explores different forms of leadership – shared, temporary, rotating etc. – that can be assessed periodically and reconfigured as needed.
    • works with organizations and individuals who are aligned with our Primary Values.
    • honors a diversity of skill sets and viewpoints.
    • maintains a sustainable work/life balance for all participants.
    • is a participatory process in which small working groups report back to the larger network of members.
  • We value processes and methods for generating art & design solutions that:
    • promote active listening as a vital process in decision-making.
    • consider all participants in projects as equal collaborators and involve communities in the creative process, honoring their unique knowledge and structures.
    • seek unity on critical points.
    • adopt an open source model, embracing a free exchange of ideas and solutions over individual authorship.
    • endeavor to use ecologically sustainable and cost-effective processes and materials.
    • seek artistic solutions that result in inspired, real world functionality.
  • Our economic values include:
    • engaging in projects that foster equity and prioritize community assets and needs.
    • exploring alternative means to pay for the work we do, including: barter, trade, pro bono, grants, time banks, fund-raising, etc.


V.1 – Jan 2018